New Episode Announcement

The French History Podcast
New Episode Announcement

Hello everyone, I wanted to quickly update you on what’s happening with the podcast. I have gotten an incredible amount of support from all of you, and my crazy fantasy of doing this full time with much more content…well, I’m still a ways off from it, but it does seem much more likely than even last year. As I finish up my dissertation I’ll be between occupations and I want to try turn the podcast into something that will pay the bills, while simultaneously providing free content to everyone. As such, I have decided to upload Episode 54, which is 90 minutes long on the Carolingian Renaissance to my patrons on For as little as $1 a month you can become a patron and listen to what I think is one of my masterpieces. Most of you can afford $1 or more, so if you do value what I’ve been doing then please consider supporting me, since if I get enough support I can produce a lot more content, with far more regular series episodes and a number of other exciting projects I think you’ll like. Moreover, I’m increasing my patron’s benefits, with any patron signing up to donate $5 or more being entered into a monthly raffle for our merchandise. Now, I know we’re still recovering from a pandemic and not everyone has money to give. Likewise, I believe everyone should have access to information. So, all episodes I’ve already uploaded will stay right where they are, and all new episodes will be released one month after they’re uploaded on Patreon. I think this is fair since it’s just a $1 a month paywall, and if you really love my work you can support me, and if you don’t think it’s worth a dollar then you really won’t mind the wait. Anyway, those are my updates. Thanks so much to everyone who already supports me, for those who haven’t started yet, please consider doing so, so I can make more regular content and possibly even do this full-time. I want to make a lot more content for you, and with a little help I will.

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